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Dr Steve Pennington

Unveristy of Liverpool

Faculty of Medicine, University of Liverpool

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The Human Genome
Unveristy of Liverpool

The human genome is a set of instructons that decides how each of us is put together. It is now known that it contains about 30,000 genes each responsible for the production of a particular protein.

In many diseases changes in the genome and environmental factors combiine to produce changes in the amounts or abnormal forms of certain proteins.
These changes can be used to diagnose a disease and drugs can be used to alter thses changes. Dr Steve Pennington and Dr Neil Kitteringham looking at a genome
Proteomics is a new discipline which investigates proteins on a genomic scale.
Dr Steve Pennington who has founded this facility at the University of Liverpool is investigating a gel containing several thousand protein spots with a colleague Dr Neil Kitteringham.

Submitted by: Joan, 23 January 2003

To find out more about Pennington's Genome visit the University of Liverpool's Annual Report for 2002

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