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Contributing to the site
Anyone can contribute to this web site. We are particularly keen to feature entries from Merseyside schools.
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Check the guidance notes below and then use one of these links to call up the data entry form (or instructions) to add an entry direct to the site:

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Style of entries
Look at examples on the site for the general style. Keep your entries quite informal and avoid jargon and difficult specialist language.
Merseysiders can see 'places' as they go about their daily lives. There is a historical aspect to this section to show how science and technology have shaped Merseyside.
Where science is done
A section to feature centres of scientific research and development in the Merseyside area. This section can also feature people who do their science in Merseyside or use science in the service of Merseyside and the people who live here today.
This section features popular 'events' for Merseysiders about science in Merseyside. For one-off events please enter a start date and an end date. These are the same if the event is over in one day. We can also put in links to whole programmes of events, then we do not need any dates.
Area covered by the site
Most entries have a Liverpool post code in the area However this is not a rigid rule and any item with a Merseyside connection can be accepted.
Entries should be written to be understood by members of the general public. Our audience includes learners of all ages, teachers and members of the public.
Please let us have a digital image suitable for e-mailing or a web site. Click where shown and attach one or more images to the e-mail. Alternatively let us know of an image on a web site that you can give us permission to copy and use.
If you have no access to a digital camera, then photographic processing stores can now supply a CD with suitable images when you get your films developed. Scanning prints can also give good results.
The site can accept photographs in most standard formats (JPG, BMP, Pict).
If you cannot provide a digital image, please send prints of photographs to Liverpool City of Science, Merseyside SETPOINT, Peter Jost Centre, JMU Campus, Byrom Street, LIVERPOOL L3 3AF. We will return them if you include an addressed envelope.

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