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Camley Street nature reserve in winter

Camley Street Natural Park

Camley Street

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Wild green space behind King's Cross
Camley Street Natural Park

The Camley Street Park is spread over two acres of wildness on the banks of the Regent's Canal and surrounded by the new fast Channel Tunnel rail link.

The flora
The woodland is a mix of trees including hazel, rowan, hawthorn and silver birch. Violets flower with celandine in the margins. Wild flowers and grasses flourish in the meadow while marsh marigold and yellow iris grow well in the wet conditions of the marsh
A cootThe fauna
Animals large and small visit the park. Amphibians including frogs, newts and toads breed in the ponds. Birds such as wrens feed in the woodlands. Waterbirds including coots, mallard and moorhen as well as herons enjoy the water. Insects include grasshoppers and dragonflies as well as common blue and peacock butterflies.

Submitted by: Andrew Hunt, 22 January 2007

Find out about Camley Street Park
Find out about other nature reserves in London from the web site of the London Wildlife Trust. Many of the reserves, including the Camley Street park, organise events for the public. The Natural Park is in Camden and you can find out more from the My Village web site.

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