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Limehouse cut floating path

Floating tow-path

Limehouse cut

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Walking on water
Floating tow-path

Since July 2003 there has been an ingenious floating path carrying the towpath of the Limehouse Cut under the busy A12 Blackwell Tunnel Northern Approach.

Limehouse cut floating pathThe path
The path is just over 240 metres long. It consists of 60 floating units. In the dark shadows of the bridge the edges of the path glow with a green light.
Walkers and local residents no longer have to endure the noise and fumes of tbe traffic or use a concrete underpass to get past the main road.
The cut
The Limehouse Cut is a dead straight channel from Bow Locks to Limehouse. It was one of two new cuts to connect trhe Regent's canal and the River Lea. It provided a direct route for boats avoiding the long loop of the Thames around the Isle of Dogs.

Submitted by: Andrew Hunt, 21 January 2007

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