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Postmans Park and tiles

Memorials in Postman's Park

Between King Edward Street and Angel Street

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Heroic victims of technology
Memorials in Postman's Park

Hand-lettered tiles on a wall under a shelter commemorate the lives of ordinary people who lost their lives trying to save others.

Tile in Postmans ParkThe tiles were the idea of the painter G F Watts (1817-1904). The hand-lettered tiles were made by Doulton.

Postmans Park tile BWatts sympathised with the poor of London who lived in dreadful conditions. He made no attempt to hide his dislike of the greedy upper classes.
Postmans Park tile CThe park was popular with workers from the nearby old General Post Office who used it at lunch time. That is how it got its name.

Postmans Park tile DWatts's wanted to mark Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. No one backed him so he created the memorial himself in a gallery in a public gardens in a former churchyard.

Submitted by: Andrew Hunt, 21 January 2007

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