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John Soane museum outside

John Soane Museum

13 Lincoln's Inn Fields

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An amazing home for architecture and antiquity
John Soane Museum

Once the home of John Soane this private museum features an extraordinary assortment of antiquities and works of art. Everywhere there are busts, statues, paintings and architectural models. The museum's fabric is a monument to nineteenth century building technology.

John Soane museum outside detailBuilding fabric
Among its more technical features are rare survivals from old buildings including a wide variety of early 19th century nails, screws and bolts preserved in the structure of the Museum and as fixings for objects. This includes the window frames and glazing bars, window latches, sash lifts, sash weights, early 19th century sash cord, doors and door furniture.
The museum is home to some remarkable clocks. The collection includes unique timepieces in cases designed by Soane himself with clockwork by famous names such as Benjamin Lewis Vulliamy and Thwaites and Reed.

Submitted by: Andrew Hunt, 21 January 2007

Find out more about the museum from its web site.
The National Portrait Gallery has several portraits of John Soane.

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